I’m a licensed psychotherapist, transformational coach, consultant, and entrepreneur.

I have a passion for assisting people who are dealing with grief, loss, trauma, divorce, intimate partner violence, and other distressful and challenging situations. By encouraging independent viewpoints in a safe, non-judgmental, pressure-free environment, I’ve been successful at helping my clients work from a place of personal strength and vulnerability. In doing so, I’m able to proactively establish healthy, beneficial relationships of trust, responsibility, and accountability.

As a psychotherapist and coach I’m able to support individuals to understand and move beyond their fears, anxieties, and perceived limitations.

Having successfully overcome multiple adversities within my own life, I understand on a deeply personal level how forward progress in one’s life can be impeded. I believe as individuals, we all have the capacity to change and heal. With my solution oriented approach and warm nonjudgmental stance you will feel supported, challenged and motivated to change your self limiting beliefs and eventually find peace of mind, meaning and purposeful living.

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A graduate of both Texas A&M University and the University of Houston, I’m privately active in social justice concerns and educational initiatives. In my free time I enjoy gardening, mentoring, reading, and relaxing with my family.

When we work together, we will identify the root of the problem and come up with viable solutions to break free from the limited thinking that holds you back. Ready to take the first step?