My 5 Tips for More Meaningful Living

My 5 Tips for More Meaningful Living

1. Be Grateful

We all have times that are not so good. But we also have plenty for which to be grateful. Sometimes it’s the small but valuable aspects of our lives that we don’t stop to appreciate. Or it may be the people and other gifts that we take for granted. When we step back and look, we see many people less fortunate than ourselves. You can probably think of several people who would gladly trade places with you, despite your difficulties. To lead a more fulfilling life, write down at least one thing you are grateful for, each day. You’ll be surprised how long that list can get, over time.

2. Worry Less

How often do you trouble yourself with matters of little consequence? It is estimated that 90% of what we stress-out about doesn’t ever occur. But stress can disturb your mind and take a toll on your health. There are so many things that are behind our control, and worrying never has any real impact on them. So there is no need to waste energy worrying, torturing yourself, and punishing your mind. Put that extra thought and energy into something positive that you do have the power to control and influence.

3. Forgive People, Especially Yourself

You’ve heard it before, that holding on to bitterness and resentment is like drinking your own poison. We all know of someone who hasn’t let go of their anger or bitterness, and over the years it has caused them to grow more unhappy and unhealthy. You don’t want to wind up like that, missing out on the best life has to offer because you’re stuck on some unfortunate feelings from the past. Nobody’s perfect, and life isn’t always fair. But forgiveness can set you free…so forgive those who may have done wrong, including yourself.

4. Focus Forward

Our eyes are in front of us for a reason, and yesterday is forever gone. Don’t waste your valuable time with all the “coulda” and “shouda.” Focus instead on how you can shape your future with the thoughts and actions that happen right now in the present moment. We learn from our mistakes or by observing the mistakes of others. But dwelling on them doesn’t fix anything. The more you put your attention on what you can do today, to help ensure that tomorrow will be better, the greater and sooner your success will be.

5. Surround Yourself with Realistic Optimists

It’s so important to have a circle of friends who are realistic, but also inspired and positive about life and living. The people in our life have a tremendous influence on us. Their attitude can be contagious…in either a positive or negative way. So carefully and wisely choose your friends. In dealing with day-to-day life,we will sometimes encounter setbacks, rejection, challenges, and misfortunes. But surrounding yourself with the optimistic realists can make life easier and provide more joy, while giving you the support to get you through the difficult times.




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